Dr. Samuel Hay

Daily Point of Light # 1143 Jun 22, 1998

A retired physician who consistently undercharged his patients, Dr. Sam Hay participates in a large variety of medical, religious, social, and charitable endeavors.

Upon retiring in 1991, he established a free clinic in the local health center, where he donates two mornings a week to diagnose and treat. The health services he provides are free, with the exception of a $5 fee charged by the health center and a $2 fee for a prescription to cover operating costs.

14 years ago, Dr. Hay co-founded the Toccoa Soup Kitchen and has volunteered and served on the board ever since. The kitchen is open three times a week and provides free meals to an average of 76 people a day. Dr. Hay often volunteers as a crew captain. The kitchen is funded by private donations and grants from churches and the United Way.

When the Habitat for Humanity formed a chapter in Toccoa, Dr. Hay volunteered with them for several years and later became the chapter's president. Currently, he is still on the board, as well as serving as an active volunteer.