Earle Gumbs

Daily Point of Light # 3599 Nov 20, 2007

Earle Gumbs, a longtime resident of the Hillcrest Heights Community, has been a volunteer in Prince Georges County for many years. Mr. Gums and his wife, Beateal have resided in Prince Georges county and raised their family there. Mr. Gumbs had a distinguished career in Federal Service and served in many capacities. He retired in 1993 and continued his volunteer service with the community.

Mr. Gumbs has been a member of the Hillcrest-Marlow Heights Civic Association since 1975. From 1978-2000, Mr. Gumbs served as chair of the Community Concerns Committee. In this capacity, he was involved in all aspects of the organization. Mr. Gumbs was elected president of the Association in 2000, and he has served in that capacity since then.

As president of the Civic Association, Mr. Gumbs has been the driving force to enable the successful completion of the Association’s goals and objectives. In addition to presiding at the monthly Executive Committee and General meetings, Mr. Gumbs has been responsible for securing various speakers for the monthly meeting. He has served on several task forces including The County Executive task force to reduce vehicle thefts and curtail vandalism. This group continues to meet monthly to discuss procedures to be put in place to reduce vehicle thefts. The group includes members of law enforcement entities from the County, State and municipal offices, insurance companies, automobile dealer and community organization.

Mr. Gumbs also served on a task force commissioned by Council Member Samuel Dean to develop procedures to smoothly transition residents to Common Ownership Communities. In addition, Mr. Gumbs acts as the liaison for the Hillcrest-Marlow Communities with the Department of Public Works to assist in the timely and effective removal of snow. Mr. Gumbs led the Association’s efforts in their participation in County Wide clean-up program and its tree-planting project.

Mr. Gumbs was instrumental in the establishment of a Civic Association meeting/office space at the Iverson Mall in Hillcrest Heights. His efforts in obtaining office furniture, computers and copying equipment necessitated the expenditure of hundreds of man-hours. As a result of Mr. Gumbs dedication to all members of his community, $35,500 in scholarships was awarded in 2005. Mr. Gumbs continues to solicit funds from businesses, churches and individuals so that Hillcrest-Marlow Heights Civic Association can assist youth who aspire to continue to higher education.

Mr. Gumbs has also served as a senior trustee at Allen Chapel AME Church in Washington DC. Mr. Gumbs, Leader Trustee Team Number One, and his team have been responsible to assure that all activities performed at the Church during the first week of the month are carried on effectively and are provided the necessary support. IN addition, Mr. Gumbs used his background as a realtor and financial advisor and spent many hours negotiating the sale of the Church parsonage.