Ed Chrestenson

Daily Point of Light # 3461 May 10, 2007

Ed Chrestenson is a dedicated volunteer with the Missoula Manor Homes. He has served for many years and is looked upon as an integral member of the Manor. Ed’s work ethic is an inspiration to the seniors as well as other volunteers and staff.

Ed has volunteered to sell raffle tickets for the Annual Assistance Endowment Raffle fundraiser since 1999. The Endowment Fund ensures that the organization meets their mission of providing secure, well-maintained, affordable apartments, nutritious meals and other support services. Over the last seven years, Ed has single-handedly raised more than $21,800. Annually, Ed canvasses Missoula selling raffle ticket after raffle ticket. When asked why he makes such a commitment to the Manor, he said he believes in the mission and does it for the residents. Without Ed, they would not have the hugely successful fundraiser.

Ed’ expertise as a cement layer has also come in handy at the Manor. He has repaired small cracks in the sidewalks, given advice on fixing tricky problems, and helped the Manor find contractors willing to do small jobs in the middle of the busy work season. Ed never hesitates to help when asked.

In addition to all that Ed has accomplished for the Manor, in the last few years, he has become an invaluable asset to the Missoula Senior Citizen Center also. Ed is currently the coordinator for Sunday bingo. He is responsible for opening and closing the building. He also provides transportation for another volunteer when needed. Ed also makes sure that there are enough volunteers to make bingo a great success each week. In addition, Ed serves as the cashier for bingo on Tuesdays and Sundays. Missoula Senior Center Director, Annette Sontag says she does not know what she would do without Ed, as he is a mainstay at the Senior Center also.

Ed’s dedication to Missoula does not end there. When the Missoula Law Enforcement sought to create a Law Enforcement Memorial in Rose Park, Ed quickly volunteered to help them reach their goal. He set about diligently raising the needed funds. He then went one step further by motivating his cement industry contacts to donate the cement and installation of the memorial. The Missoula Law Enforcement acknowledged that the monument would not have been possible without the commitment, enthusiasm and hard work of Ed Christensen.

Ed’s selfless commitment to the betterment of others through his volunteers work is exceptional. He not only helps others with his service, but his motivational leadership encourages other to get involved and volunteer also.