Daily Point of Light # 2446 Jun 20, 2003

Ms. Edith Callahan started volunteering at The League for People with Disabilities, Inc. two years ago as part of her school’s service program. She started a program called “Tips-n-Wash” that provided a rare service – cleaning of wheelchairs/mobility equipment and replacement of tips on canes. Ms. Callahan is being nominated for her insight and unique way of addressing a health and safety hazard. Although this particular project has ended, accorded to her school’s service program, she still makes quarterly visits to The League.

Edith is graduating this semester with a degree in Physical Therapy and was first an intern in The League’s Wellness Center. She became aware of many issues her clients face and started addressing some with her program. People who use wheelchairs are often dependent on care providers to help them with personal hygiene. Unfortunately, their wheelchairs are often neglected. Those who are able to wash their chairs may not have the space to do so at home. Also, the rubber tips of canes wear down and are sometimes lost. She provides for a very basic need that is not addressed.