Daily Point of Light # 3027 Sep 12, 2005

Since 1988, Dr. Parker has volunteered his time on a regular basis to the Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Program. This local chapter of the Salvation Army has been active in the community providing an addiction treatment program to more than 600 individuals annually who are, for the most part, addicted to drugs and alcohol, homeless, unemployed, destitute, malnourished, and in general poor health.

Dr. Parker has volunteered his time on almost every Sunday morning for the last 16 years, providing medical services to new arrivals and continuing care (sick call) to program residents. These pro-bono services are much needed as new arrivals need to be screened for illnesses requiring treatment, diseases that may be contagious, and other maladies for which prescriptions need to be written. These people are normally homeless, without medical coverage, and would flood local emergency facilities were it not for the services of Dr. Parker. He provides referrals when specialized medical care is indicated, recommends and sponsors emergency dental care to relieve pain and expedites services need for dual diagnosis clients from Southern Nevada Adult Mental Health. He ensures a continuing supply of necessary medications for individuals arriving from Clark County Detention Center without their sustaining prescribed medications. Lastly, Dr. Parker leaves a sizeable personal check on a regular basis to pay for the prescriptions he writes and dental care he endorses.

His personal efforts have provided a valuable service to the Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Program, and have allowed persons to alleviate pain and suffering, as well as provided necessary medical attention to some of the most devastated residents of this community. His unending dedication and tireless efforts have been a tremendous help in overcoming obstacles to program entry imposed by health issues and concerns. He has been a constant advocate of “stop smoking cigarettes” initiatives and a nicotine cessation program. He has championed everything the program does to improve the mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual health of every Clark County resident touched by the Adult Rehabilitation Program. He is truly a vital member of the team, a responsible citizen of this community, and a very caring person.