Edward Ameen

Daily Point of Light # 3288 Sep 12, 2006

“Every child needs a strong mind, a strong body and a safe supportive place to grow; they deserve this.” These are the things that the Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC) believes and works to provide for children all over the world.

By creating, finding and supporting programs that directly improve the health and well-being of children, Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC) is working to better the lives of children and their families.

Edward Ameen founded the local Ronald McDonald House 26 years ago. As a McDonald's owner/operator Ameen is committed to giving back to the community. His leadership and funding has never wavered for those 26 years. He spearheaded every capitol campaign, growing with the organization from a small cottage to three houses and 66 bedrooms.

The first 18 years, Ameen donated all the organizational accounting services, groomed leadership, strategically planned expansion and growth. He not only volunteered at the houses but also served as board president, chair of every committee and remains the chairman of the Board.

Ameen has lived and breathed the Ronald McDonald House for 26 years. During the hurricane evacuation, he was at the houses helping with the hands on tasks. Throughout the year, he speaks throughout the area about RMH. Ameen also cooks at the houses for the families. He is the go-to guy for staff and meets the in-kind as well as financial needs.

Planning is now underway for a 20 bedroom Ronald McDonald House inside the hospital. This will be the fourth Ronald McDonald House for Ameen. His hands have touched so many things at the house, whether it’s the coffee and meal preparation, or orchestrating many things at the building of bricks and mortar, or securing funds raised to retire the debt, to making sure elevators are installed to assist parents and handicapped children.

Edward Ameen's leadership has set the tone for this organization. The organization serves 2,300 families annually. It has served families from every county in Florida, every state in the US and average 18 countries a year.