Edward Bradley

Daily Point of Light # 1452 Aug 27, 1999

Edward Bradley, a former Middlesex County teacher and director of athletics, has been a tireless volunteer for the past 52 years. In 1947, Bradley worked on community spirit and youth activities for the American Legion. Current activities keep him involved with teens. In 1998, he founded Stay Way, a national project to alleviate the drop-out rate in schools. The program's focus to help kids "stay in school, stay off drugs and stay fit" has been supported by the Army, the National Football League and the Pentagon.

His volunteer activities during the last 52 years earned Bradley a commendation from the Clinton and Bush administrations. Additionally, he was one of 30 national leaders to attend the 1997 Presidents' Summit for America's Future as a guest of Retired General Colin Powell.

Bradley's latest project is "No-shows for Charity Shows." The idea came to him in 1996 when he saw 55,000 empty seats (no-shows) at a football game in Giant Stadium. His efforts provide an opportunity for season ticket holders to donate tickets they won't be using, through the New Jersey Fitness and Sports Foundation (NJFSF), of which he is the chairman and CEO, to statewide charitable organizations.

Bradley's appeals via TV, radio and newspapers have resulted in 12,000 tickets going to Boys and Girls Clubs, Catholic Charities, Association for Retarded Children and Big Brothers/Big Sisters.

Other dreams during the past 12 years have resulted in thousands of children seeing the Pope's visit, World Cup Soccer, NCAA basketball finals in Seattle and the Final Four in New Jersey and numerous other events.

As the head of NJFSF, Bradley works closely with the Governor's office to provide assistance in projects involving fitness, sports and community. During the Kean administration, Bradley founded the first Blue Ribbon Panel that formulated fitness and sports programs for youth, family and senior citizens. Kean also appointed Bradley Chairman and CEO of the Governor's Council on Fitness and Sports. Bradley's signature has been on countless Middlesex County programs designed to accomplish these goals.