Effie Horning

Daily Point of Light # 3495 Jun 27, 2007

As founder and executive director for "The Crowns for the Cure", Ms. Horning works continuously to better the lives of those around her. She has founded special projects that deal with children and their families. Though the majority of her time is spent working on breast cancer fundraising, there is much more to The Crowns for the Cure than that. Effie works with her team members to get kids out in their communities volunteering at events, they teach them to be aware of themselves and knowledgeable about cancer; not just for themselves, but for their families. Effie and the team empower children, young adults, and adults alike to be proactive in their personal health care.

One specific way she has done this is by placing the Gail Model on her Crowns for the Cure web site: www.thecrownsforthsecure.com. The Gail model is a breast cancer risk assessment which was previously only available to medical professionals. Although many people are aware that a first degree relative is a risk for breast cancer, many are unaware of many other factors.

She and her team also service youth and disadvantaged seniors and hospitalized veterans through the Valentines for Veterans project. Valentines is the national week of recognition for hospitalized veterans. For over a decade, all around the country, her volunteers help varied daycares, schools, and youth organizations to create valentine cards for hospitalized Veterans. It teaches the children about the Vets' job during war and peace, why the Veterans may be there, why they are being recognized in this capacity. Once the valentines are made, children are taken to hospitals and homes where Effie's organization helps the kids pass out the cards to patients and residents. They talk with them, hug them, and come away with a greater appreciation for the elderly and those who serve(d) our country.

Although it's called Valentine's for Vets, they do this project also during Christmas and at other non-celebratory times of year and call it "Project Just Because." She and her team like to perpetuate the idea that these persons are special, or thought of not just because of a holiday, but "just because" they are special.

Though the main focus of this day is mostly on Veterans; policemen, firemen, seniors in retirement homes and the like are also involved, bringing them joy on a holiday that celebrates love and appreciation for others.

They also work on providing resources for medical services including a current project being put into place is a proposed trip to South Africa to deliver formula and vaccines.

Her group is also a Presidential Volunteer Service Award organization and a National Leadership organization.

Though the main focus of this letter is on the activities of her organization, Effie also works hard on her own to help others through her profession as a nurse, and her sharing of her experiences as a cancer survivor.