Elinore Wade McCune

Daily Point of Light # 1410 Jun 30, 1999

Upon viewing the dire situation at Palm View Elementary, Elinore McCune requested to become a volunteer. As a retired teacher, McCune has provided her services to this school helping disadvantaged children get a quality education. She has been a volunteer at Palm View for 25 years.

McCune began working three days a week at Palm View teaching three half-hour classes as well as taking on related duties. Palm View grew and through the years, McCune has taken on more and more responsibilities. With each passing year, McCune continued to volunteer her services. She has held classes at several levels, although most of her work has been with third graders. McCune teaches general education classes as well as phonics as an approach to reading, spelling and handwriting.

During her 23 years of teaching, McCune devised her own phonics techniques, and her extensive travel background allows her to bring a wealth of knowledge to the children that they can't obtain from textbooks.

McCune skillfully simplifies information and is able to explain abstract concepts of the past and present. The students of Palm View delight in her stories because her lessons are refreshingly calming. She has helped Palm View Elementary grow from a few classrooms to a twenty-acre plot of land, with modern buildings and large playgrounds.

McCune gives the disadvantaged youth of Palmetto, FL a face in this nation. Through her volunteer efforts, children that might not have had a chance can rise up from a disadvantaged situation and become upstanding, educated citizens.