Daily Point of Light # 3070 Nov 10, 2005

Elizabeth can be depended upon to carry out all tasks given to her. At her very young age, she has already shown a high degree of responsibility as she performs her daily assignments. She has consistently shown that she can be relied upon to complete any project assigned to her. During the entire time that she worked in the various sections of the Human Resources department, she always fulfilled her tasks timely with very little instructions and minimal supervision. It is never unusual that she delivers a finished product that always exceeds what is normally expected of her.

Elizabeth possesses a “can do” attitude. When given a task, she takes it seriously. she accepts her work assignments willingly and always with a smile. She is a team player who is always eager to contribute to any endeavor to the utmost of her ability. She takes ownership of her job and takes great pride in her accomplishments. She brings results.

Elizabeth is well liked by everyone in the department. She has that magnetic smile that seems to radiate light and lighten things up in the office. She is a welcome addition to the Human Resources team. She gets along great with everyone and is always willing to share her vibrant energy foe the good of the whole. She is courteous to all the staff and patients alike. I strongly believe that Elizabeth will become a very capable leader in due time. During her tour in the Human Resources department, she never actually had the position to exhibit her potential as a leader. But the attitude she displayed at work, her maturity in dealing with every type of situation and her ability to easily adapt to the ever-changing priorities in her tasks clearly shows her tenacity as a person and a leader. Her mature outlook on life at such an early age indicates that she will eventually blossom into a very strong leader.

During her tour of duty in Human Resources department, Elizabeth had no direct contact with patients. But she would have been a source of inspiration to our patients as she was to the HR staff. She demonstrated that she truly cared about her job and results of her efforts. If she were assigned to the clinical areas, I am certain that she would have shown the same sincere concern and nurturing to our veteran patients by giving them her full attention.