Elsie Marie Rann

Daily Point of Light # 3572 Oct 12, 2007

Grandma Marie has been a volunteer with the County of Sacramento Foster Grandparent Program since 1998. Marie is a great addition to the program. She has the ability to speak and understand several languages which really help put the children at ease.

Grandma Marie was raised by her missionary parents in China and speaks fluent Chinese. Grandma worked at a local Headstart Early Learning Center for 15 years and for the past two years has volunteered with the Sacramento Department of Human Assistance Playcare Center where parents can drop off their young children while the parent takes class or has an appointment with their caseworker.

She loves all children and works with the children at their own level, helping them by reading and playing to help them develop early literacy skills. Grandma Marie works with the children with great care and love. She does artwork with them and plays building blocks with them. She comforts the children when they are sad. Grandma also enjoys reading to the children and singing songs with them.

She also works well with staff members and the other volunteers at the center. "I play learning games with the children, read stories to them, help them learn how to count as well as learn their ABC's. We sing songs, play house, and I help the teacher with individual students. I think my participation is an asset to the center. I like what I do, and I love working with children and the staff. "I try to do whatever is asked of me. I think my participation is an asset. I love working with the children and the teachers. Marie really Lights the way for the center she volunteers at. She always finds something to smile or laugh about and is a shining example of what we want all volunteers to be.

Marie has volunteered over 17,000 Foster Grandparent hours and has received the Presidents Lifetime Achievement Award for exceeding 4,000 hours of volunteer service.