Emma Leuschen

Daily Point of Light # 4842 Aug 29, 2012

Emma Leuschen has fulfilled all the expectations of her High School Service Program’s mission statement. Her fundraising efforts with Donate A Life, the American Cancer Society, the Ronald McDonald House and Walk-A-Thons have raised needed funds for research, care and compassion for those in dire need of assistance. Her efforts have impacted the southcentral Pennsylvania region and all those who have been connected with needed assistance in the areas of her contributions.

Leuschen has pulled more than her weight in inspiring others to volunteer and has assisted the program as a contributing volunteer, student director and student coordinator the past four years. She has assisted the more than 21,000 residents in her township and the more than 2,500 students in her school district with the various volunteer works she has completed.

Her community involvement has been extraordinary for a young lady. To name a few, she assisted in setting up a promotion booth to hand-cut brochures containing information regarding kidney transplants and organ donation for Donate a Life/Kidney Foundation, as a member of the Junior National Honors Society she proposed and managed a dance-a-thon that raised $4,000 for the American Cancer Society, during the summer of 2009 and presently she assisted the Visiting Nurses Association setting up booths to reflect the work of nurses and the need for nurses. She volunteered to assist with the East Pennsboro Elementary Field Day and to help with the West Creek Hills Elementary Field Day. She is a member of Kallan’s Klan to help pediatric cancer victims. She is presently organizing a fundraiser/memorial for a fellow classmate who was in cyber-school and recently passed away and is a member of Levi’s Love to assist with fundraising for the cystic fibrosis organization. The list goes on and on.