Daily Point of Light # 2923 Apr 19, 2005

Emmanuel Vasquez is a caring young man that loves to provide joy to people, which he has been doing since June of 2003 by volunteering for the Assistant Living Facilities for the elderly; Surrey Place, Hawthorne Inn, and Life Care Center of Ocala. Whether Emmanuel sings, play games or shakes hands to each resident he is guaranteed to bring a smile and companionship to those he visits at the Assistant Living Facilities. Emmanuel started by volunteering for a small period of time and then he was able to volunteer at each assistant living facility for approximately one-hour. The elderly are the people created our present life and they deserve to be recognized. Emmanuel continues to volunteer at he Surrey Place; Assistant Facility, bringing joy to the elderly and learning to care about other people.

Emmanuel helped with the Salvation Army during the Winter Season by fundraising as a Bell Ringer and singing. Fundraising showed him how to address the problems in the community and fundraising serves as a solution to make our community better. Emmanuel helped with the Hospice of Marion County, which is a non-profit organization that has been serving the needs of patients in their last phases of life and their families. Emmanuel got the community retailers involved and created a pizza day combined with the Children’s Bereavement Camp. It was a great success for the children who are terminally ill or have a family member that is terminally ill.

During Florida’s four Hurricanes; (Charley, Frances, Jeanne, and Ivan) Emmanuel was able to get involved and get the community together. The community responded by making donations with gallons of water, and perishable food items. The community responded by making great mounts of donations, which were distributed, to the Interfaith Emergency Services and First Step Food Bank, Inc. Emmanuel and family saw the need in the immediate affected area of the two Hurricane’s eye in Brevard County along the Florida’s coast. Emmanuel got the community involve to donate gallons of water and perishable food items, which were delivered to the Brevard County Fire Rescue for its citizens, our neighbors. Brevard County is approximately two-hours away from our Marion County, which shows how lucky we were to not be seriously hit by the three Hurricanes.

Since the tender age of four-years-old Emmanuel has been involved in the community service. Emmanuel’s community service is from the heart since we are thankful that he doesn’t have any disease and his family, including Great-Grandparents, is active adults living in their homes and healthy with minor controllable health issues like diabetes. Now at five-years-old Emmanuel has set the standard for caring, selflessness and public service that will last a lifetime for the people he has help and the community.