Enrique Acosta-Gonzalez

Daily Point of Light # 5284 Aug 15, 2014

Every community needs that person who goes above and beyond to support and lift up the community. On the Island of Oahu, Hawaii, Enrique Acosta-Gonzalez is that person. Enrique has been a non-stop volunteer for this community since returning to the islands in 2012. But his commitment to service started long before that.
Enrique enlisted in the U.S. Navy in 1989 and has been deployed to multiple regions across the globe on seven different platforms. Through his tours of duty, Enrique has given much of his time to supporting our service men and women. This year, Enrique was instrumental in planning the first Wounded Warrior Pacific Invitational (WWPI), largest joint-service competition to take place outside of the annual Warrior Games, and featuring wounded warrior athletes from the Navy, Marines, Army, Air Force, Coast Guard and Special Operations Command. The goal of the WWPI isn’t to identify the most skilled athletes, but rather to showcase the potential of wounded warriors through athletic events. This event helps keep wounded warriors engaged in a community of similar individuals and provides the avenue for them to be rehabilitated and receive the medical attention they need. With encouragement from Enrique, more than 100 athletes and 400 volunteers gathered for this event creating a rewarding experience for all involved.
But Enrique doesn’t stop there. He gives his time the Moanalua School Partnership Excellence Program to fortify the relationship between the Navy and local schools. Thanks to his efforts with the USS Missouri teak restoration project more than half of the deck of this venerable battleship has been restored with new teak. Enrique helps mentor children at local schools, and even engaged 85 youth to help repaint their school campus and plant a vegetable garden. He has given countless hours to the Adopt-A-Highway cleanup and still manages to volunteer at local church events. Enrique’s volunteer efforts have resulted in over 1,000 hours of service. Enrique continues to promote the power in volunteerism and foster a spirit of giving among his peers. In each of his many volunteer efforts, he has taken another volunteer under his wing to continue the mission of selfless giving and enhance the community. Working tirelessly and having fun, this Daily Point of Light is ensuring that the next generation has another leader to show the community the way.
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Dev Staff