Eugene Doubek

Daily Point of Light # 1323 Mar 1, 1999

Eugene Doubek has been a warrior in the battle for veterans' programs for more than 45 years. As a member of VFW Verle Huffman Post 9644 in Englewood, CO, he has sworn to "honor the dead by helping the living." Throughout the years, he has demonstrated outstanding leadership and commendable service to veterans. During this time, thousands of dollars have been donated to his community and other worthwhile charities throughout the nation.

One of the numerous examples of his concern is helping with the delivery of Thanksgiving and Christmas food baskets to needy veterans and their families. He also shops for and delivers the food for various Post dinners and luncheons. He is chief cook, waiter, pearl diver and whatever other job needs to be done. Eugene helps set up for and prepare for bereavement dinners that are then given for the veteran's surviving family members. On the day of internment, he is a member of the Honor Guard that performs the deceased veteran's final honors.

Within the community, Eugene assists each year with the children's Christmas party, Easter Egg Hunt, Halloween party and monitors the Just Say No to Drugs awards. He supports the Post and Auxiliary's $6,000 Annual College scholarship program. Each year, he helps conduct two senior citizen days, a Thanksgiving Day Dinner and a Sweetheart Dinner on Valentine’s Day. For each of these events, approximately 200 senior citizens are bussed in to the Post home to be the honored guests of the Post and Auxiliary.

Eugene is described as a man who deals with a segment of the community that is not on the front burner in most communities and completely forgotten in others. He is said to reveal the unselfish motivation that causes one to volunteer to serve his country in time of war and then return home and serve his country's veterans in time of peace.