Daily Point of Light # 2078 Jan 21, 2002

During the tenure of Warren H. Dolphus, former Supervisory Chaplain at the Federal Correctional Institution of the Federal Bureau of Prisons in Manchester, Kentucky, a collaborative between various agencies that would aid prior offenders with the transition back into their communities was established – Facilitating Assistance in Transition and Healing, Inc. (FAITH Inc.). FAITH Inc. is a unique and diverse collaboration of federal, state, municipal, faith-based, and grassroots organizations that are committed to programs, projects, and advocacy through volunteerism, community service, and mission driven activities that help prior offenders move into positive roles in their community.

FAITH Inc. is a component of the International Network to Freedom Association (INTFA). The INTFA works together with FAITH Inc. to enforce their educational missions. Both organizations target African American churches and faith-based communities to develop training and specialized programs to uplift and encourage the participants. The programs are designed to motivate and educate pastors, their staff and members on how the church and faith community can work with offenders. As a result of this, the entire community can work together to successfully reintegrate offenders back into their communities.

FAITH Inc. utilizes the successful model of the Underground Railroad. As the Railroad motivated the slaves to freedom, FAITH Inc motivates the offenders to be successful. The model promotes community building, partnership, and networking between various components in society. In addition, it promotes intergenerational learning. The National Association of Blacks in Criminal Justice (NABCJ) is also a contributing partner to FAITH Inc. The NABCJ brings in their specialist from the criminal justice community as well as adult and youth volunteers and victims. All of these entities cooperate to encourage ecumenical cooperation, strength, self-esteem, and self-confidence.

FAITH Inc. is a structured organization brought about to successfully help integrate offenders back into the community. It uses a mixture of African American history, theology, statistics, and facts. Once the participants truly understand the importance of their liberty, FAITH Inc. believes they will continue to resist criminal behavior and recidivism, which will benefit the participants as well as their communities.