Faith Coleman

Daily Point of Light # 3880 Dec 17, 2008

Faith Coleman held the first Flagler-County Free Clinic session in early 2005 with 6 volunteers. Now in 2007, Faith has helped build the clinic to include 30 volunteers and more medical and ancillary health services to those in need.

She is a volunteer who is actively saving lives to those who are in great need of services especially with our unstable economy and rising unemployment.

The Free Clinic is entirely maintained on a volunteer bases. Faith not only recruits volunteers, but she manages medical re cords, and reviews lab results; without her leadership and energy this clinic would not be able to exist. It is because of her resourcefulness and charisma that hundreds of people in Flagler County get healthcare where they would not otherwise. The people who go to this clinic have no health care coverage at all.

Faith was inspired by her own life to help create this clinic. As a young adult she found herself to be ill with no health insurance and now, after conquering her own health problems she has devoted herself to find a way to pay back and help her community.

The Flagler Free Clinic is her vision and with her energy, her motivation and her achievement, she has created an opportunity for people in the community to seek the help they need when ordinarily they would not have the chance. Faith demonstrates the highest standards of professionalism. She truly inspires by example.