Faith Feeds harvesting for the hungry

Daily Point of Light # 4608 Oct 5, 2011

Faith Feeds arose from John Walker’s passion for gleaning, which he had done with a small group of individuals for several years. With his wife he hosts gardening workshops where he shares his concerns about food supply and hunger in the Bluegrass Kentucky community.
Faith Feeds provides food for the poor in the central Bluegrass Region. More importantly, it provides less fortunate community members with the opportunity to volunteer in community garden programs and provide their own food.
Local food pantries have fresh food to offer instead of just canned goods and “non-perishable” food. Local citizens enjoy richer diets in healthy food and the recipients have the opportunity to join in the gathering and growing of that food, which helps their self-respect.
The continued emphasis on gleaning food which would otherwise go to waste spreads the opportunity for generosity throughout the community, from farm to farm, family to family without having to cause guilt in order to create contributions. It is a win-win situation for all the participants. This is why Faith Feeds volunteers are Daily Points of Light.