Farmington Police Department Auxilairy

Daily Point of Light # 4535 Jun 24, 2011

Commitment is an understatement when describing the loyalty of the proud members of the Farmington Police Department Auxiliary of Illinois. Sound police presence can undoubtedly add to the community’s sense of security, support, and well-being, but often times the initiatives of their affiliates may be forgotten in their shadows. While they assist on duty officers with any special needs or request for assistance, the continued community engaged efforts of Farmington’s Auxiliary unit has earned them the recognition of the Daily Point of Light Award.

Their assistance during major events or crises that arise in the city and surrounding communities, have not only produced large savings on man hours, but their fundraisers have also cut extraneous police departmental costs. With an awe-inspiring average of 7.5 years of service, the auxiliary department’s active support of the Farmington Police has become a tradition in the proud state. Whether it is administering the Neighborhood Watch, or patroling during basketball and football games, this inspiring group has an established presence in Farmington.

Leading by example, the auxilary’s efforts to mobilize volunteerism at home in Farmington has generated thousands of volunteer offerings to the department and its community. The auxuliary’s involvement in such outreach programs and projects are often described as tiresome, thankless jobs, yet the selfless dedication of this unit to the mission of the Farmington PD continues with diligence and pride of service. The members of the Farmington PD Auxiliary wear their uniforms proudly and their eagerness to go above and beyond the call of duty is a shining image to the students, families, and community groups of Farmington.