Fay Woolrich

Daily Point of Light # 3487 Jun 15, 2007

Fay meets a real community need by providing meals to frail homebound seniors disconnected from their community, through Kalamazoo's Meals on Wheels (MOW) program. Often times, Fay is the only person the recipient interacts with on a daily basis. Her visits also serve as a daily "check in" to make sure things are all right. Because of Fay, many seniors are able to stay in their own home and not have to move to an institutional setting.

Fay also spent twenty years transposing textbooks into Braille and driving visually impaired individuals to state meetings. She has been a Scout Leader and a volunteer for Habitat for Humanity. She loves to be matched with college students to show them the ropes in an effort to ensure the continuation of her work, and clients love to see a young face! She also coordinates a church group, which provides yard clean-up for seniors and others in need.

Fay delivers meals to homebound seniors. Because of Fay, many seniors in Kalamazoo have been able to remain at home surrounded by their pets and possessions. Fay also gave rides to visually impaired individuals so they could participate in state meets in Lansing and Detroit. She also greets clients at Loves and Fishes food pantry and makes them feel comfortable and welcome.

For 35 years, Fay has driven the same 24-mile route once a week (not counting the 2 miles it takes to get to the MOW site) to provide nourishing meals to frail homebound seniors. She also serves as a substitute driver for additional routes. She is a role model and leader for MOW and has inspired others by example. She has volunteered for Senior Services since 1972 and, now 82, shows no sign of stopping.

One big impact is illustrated by multiplying 35 frail homebound seniors by 52 weeks a year, by 35 years, which equals 61,880 meals delivered by just one person! According to Ann Wesselholf, MOW Director, Fay is a "great ambassador for the program. For over thirty years she has been a wonderful example of the tremendous impact one person can have on a community."