Daily Point of Light # 2115 Mar 13, 2002

The Fleet Material Support Office (FMSO) Tutorial Program is made up of more than 90 volunteers in 41 private and public schools. The program started as a community outreach effort of the Affirmative Action Program in 1992. Initially there were 11 volunteers in two city public schools. Support for the Tutorial Program has expanded over the past eight years.

The foundation and processes of the program have not changed much since its inception. The FMSO Program Coordinator establishes contact with local school officials and organizations to determine the extent of volunteer effort required. The Coordinator then matches the skills of the volunteers with the needs of the schools, organizations, and children. The tutors are responsible for selecting the day and time to meet with their students. FMSO authorizes tutors to use two work hours to meet with their students during school hours.

Teachers and tutors jointly decide if a particular student can work in a small group setting or if he or she needs one-on-one assistance. Once that is determined, the tutors attempt to tailor their approach to meet the special learning needs of the student.

When the FMSO Tutorial Program first began, volunteers were required to sign up for an initial six-week stint with the choice between one of two public schools. Since that time, opportunities include any school district that is willing to welcome tutors. Anyone who is willing to give of his or her time is qualified.