Daily Point of Light # 3099 Dec 21, 2005

Johnson County, Kansas residents boast of good schools, a thriving business sector, strong civic leaders, friendly people and a great quality of life. The quality of this community is not defined by the size of the houses or the newness of the cars but by how the members of this community look out for each other. Fred Logan has helped to define this community with his heart, his thoughts and his actions for many years.

Logan, through his civic participation, has provided leadership for and supported many of the issues that have allowed the citizens of this community to enjoy the quality of life that we have today. He has been a true statesman speaking out for quality education in the community. He served on the Johnson County Community College Board of Trustees 1992-1997. He serves as co-chair of the Committee for Excellence, a citizens group devoted to maintaining high quality education in the Shawnee Mission School District. This year the Shawnee Mission Education Foundation has selected him as the 2005 recipient of its annual Patron Award. This award honors his support of the Shawnee Mission School District, the foundation and public education.

Logan is building social capital with other organizations as well. He has served as President of United Community Services, a human service planning agency. He has served as president, of the Friends of the Johnson County Library. Currently, he serves as a vice chair of the Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce.

In his words, deeds and actions it is evident that Logan seeks the truth in what he does and about issues in the community. He is fair to all concerned and strives with wisdom to build goodwill in the community, and across the state of Kansas. He builds better friendships with his integrity and hard work. He has a proven track record of being involved with people and with issues and causes that build connections and are beneficial to all concerned.

Logan received his Bachelors of Arts degree with distinction from Indiana University in 1974 and Juris Doctor degree, cum laude, from Indiana University in 1977. As an attorney, Logan has advised corporate and public clients extensively on business, employment, real estate and contract matters. He received the distinction of Master of the Bench, Kansas Inn of Court.

Logan also serves as a mentor just by his actions. He takes the time to listen, advise and help direct the youth he coaches or the elected leaders that he engages. Logan makes you believe that while doing the right thing might not always be the easiest way to do something — it is in fact the only way to do anything. As a community leader, Logan has woven his community together with extraordinary passion and skill.