Fred Pitman

Daily Point of Light # 5916 Jan 17, 2017

Most Fairfax County Public Library volunteers work in only one volunteer position, but not Fred Pitman. Fred is extraordinary because he has taken on so many roles both at the Oakton Library and with the Marketing Department. “Fred exemplifies the spirit of volunteerism,” said Erin Chernisky, Volunteer Program Manager at the Fairfax County Public Library. “His dedication and commitment to the [library] is truly remarkable, and we are grateful for his service.”

Over time, Fred has increased his commitment to the Oakton Library — as leader for an English conversation group, an Adopt-a-Shelf volunteer, an assistant with programs, and as treasurer of the Friends of the Oakton Library. As an English conversation group leader, Fred’s calm and easygoing manner provides the perfect setting for people working to learn the nuances of the English language. As an Adopt-A-Shelf volunteer, Fred works in the non-fiction section of the library. He looks through all the books, checking items for condition, removing bookmarks, fixing dog-eared pages, and making sure the books are in order. Serving as treasurer for the Friends of the Oakton Library is a huge responsibility. He keeps track of member dues as well as the funds earned during the Friends’ ongoing book sales. He also completes the required financial paperwork for the Friends, which is a separate not-for-profit organization.

Yet even with all this on his plate, Fred recently added the Marketing Department to his volunteerism — taking pictures of all twenty-three branches of the library spread throughout the county, including photos of individual events and people. He made an early morning trip to City of Fairfax Regional Library to get a photo of the beautiful building without the usual crush of traffic. He then returned for another photo from a different angle, including the festive holidays lights in the park opposite the library. Fred also uploaded his photos, including information for location, event, etc. for use by the Marketing Department.

Jia Gayles