Daily Point of Light # 2975 Jun 30, 2005

For over 50 years my father was a volunteer fireman for the Woodstock Fire Department. My mother volunteered for a wildlife center. For the past 20 years, together they have volunteered for the program “Meals on Wheels,” often providing service to people much younger than they are (my dad is 90 and my mom is 88). They continue to volunteer even though their age and health seem to creep up on them.

“…know that they don’t feel they need to be recognized, but it would (be nice)…”

“Fred has been a mainstay asset to the Woodstock Area Council on Aging, Edwin J. Thompson Senior Center. He has been delivering meals to citizens of our community for as long as this Center has been offering Meals-On-Wheels. My best estimate would be twenty years.

It is amazing to realize your father delivers meals to individuals who are younger than he is. Your father has been a faithful volunteer. I cannot recall a time when he missed his weekly route. He is always willing to switch or fill in for another volunteer who cannot do the route. He is an amazing man with an amazing wife, who accompanies him on his weekly route.

It is important to note that this is not an easy task, especially with the inclement weather Vermont is known for (mud season, snow, ice and subzero temperatures.) There have been times when he is the only one to do the route, which takes a minimum of three drivers. He never complains and handles the route single handedly, which is over 86 miles long. There is no reimbursement for mileage or gas. Yes, he is an amazing man and he always has a smile on his face.”