Daily Point of Light # 2945 May 19, 2005

Daily Point of Light Award for
Older Americans Month – May 2005

Gary B. Page is one of the winners of a special judging of the Daily Point of Light Award being honored this May during Older Americans Month. Recognizing the contributions of older Americans, these awards celebrate 50+ volunteers who are making a difference by giving of their time, talent and experience to meet the critical needs of their communities.

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Gary Page joined the RSVP last year. He actively serves at three RSVP stations as well as volunteering for the Fields Pond Nature Conservancy despite being wheel-chair bound due to Multiple Sclerosis. Gary assists the Eastern Agency on Aging with their Tax Rent and the Maine Medicare Education Partnership programs. He is a docent with the Galen Cole Land Transportation Museum.

However, his heart and the majority of his volunteer hours are with the Bangor Outreach Office of the National Multiple Sclerosis (NMSS). For that organization, Gary utilizes his professional skills from advocacy to vocational rehabilitation of office management to support the mission and efforts of the NMSS.

According to K. Sawyer, the Outreach Coordinator for the Bangor area, Gary has transformed the office making it more efficient and is an inspiration to her and the clients they represent. He has helped many afflicted with MS to bloom and fulfill life dreams despite their health condition. “Gary is a self-starter and a go-getter,” according to Ms. Sawyer. He has served over 1200 hours since joining RSVP last year. Ms. Sawyer has also described him as a super volunteer, and that she could not function without him. His assistance with fundraising, health fair education, advocacy efforts and other responsibilities drives and strengthens the organization’s ability to serve the needs of those afflicted with MS in the greater Bangor area.

Another volunteer on the site gave her opinion of Gary as “…an irreplaceable rock and cornerstone” for the Maine Chapter. Whenever, in my role as RSVP program coordinator, I have the opportunity to visit the MS office, I am greeted by Gary who has an unmatched enthusiasm in his speech and eyes and a warm confidence of a man on a mission…he lives with MS but also gives to MS all that he can.