Gary Frahm

Daily Point of Light # 5042 Sep 11, 2013

Gary Frahm has always felt compassion to volunteer, beginning with the Woodcliff Lake volunteer fire department for 12 active years and now is still currently an exempt firefighter.

In 2001, after retiring from his trucking business, Frahm found himself with the opportunity to continue to volunteer in a different capacity. In 2003, Frahm decided to volunteer at Hackensack University Medical Center because of its reputation as one of the leading medical centers in the country. He began volunteering as a courier; he delivered items to and from the units, such as blood, telemetry units, medical records, and lab specimens, and other items.

In 2010, when the medical center had their dedication for the John Theurer Cancer Center, Gary helped as a tour guide and felt drawn to the center because of the loss of various members of his family to cancer. He also began to help with serving lunches to patients who were in the infusion clinics. Patients who are on infusion for cancer treatment may be receiving treatment for up to eight hours and need nourishment because they need the hydration and to keep their strength up. Frahm enthusiastically agreed; however, because this was a new program in a new center, there needed to be a system set up yet to accommodate this service. Frahm took on the responsibility of setting up the lunch program. He diligently and consistently worked with kitchen staff, nurses, social workers, and volunteers until he created what is today a very successful and supportive lunch program that services more than 1,000 patients each week.

Today, Frahm can be found on almost any given day of the week, including weekends, volunteering in any capacity that helps patients and staff get through the day. He may be setting up lunches, serving them to the patients, or helping the pharmacy deliver medications. To date, Frahm has volunteered for Hackensack University Medical Center for more than 10,000 hours in 10 years. He is a one of a kind human being that has an immense caring for all people; and for those that are in need, there is no better ally.

Dev Staff