Geeta Hemani

Daily Point of Light # 3753 Jun 23, 2008

Geeta Hemani is an extraordinary volunteer for StandUp For Kids-Cincinnati. The mission of STANDUP FOR KIDS is to help children who are homeless.

The organization carries out its mission through the volunteers who go to the streets in order to find, stabilize and otherwise help homeless and street children improve their lives. Geeta is the Director of Outreach and the first line of defense for those children.

When a call comes in from a child who is homeless and on the street, Geeta is the first person they contact. The kids find that Geeta is easy to talk to. She is loving and non-judgmental and the kids can trust her, which is not an easy task since these kids have not been able to trust anyone their entire lives.

Geeta has done extraordinary things in the program. She was able to gain the trust of two particular youth and was able to find them both jobs the very same day she met them. They appreciated someone taking a genuine interest in them and not just saying something but doing something. Her act of kindness kept them smiling for days.

Geeta is a humble woman who is committed to rescuing and improving the lives of children. She is very active in other areas of the community but still contributes so much time to this Program. StandUp for Kids Cincinnati can call on Geeta anytime and knows their program has established very quickly partly because of Geeta's persistence in making things happen for kids who need it most.