Daily Point of Light # 3004 Aug 10, 2005

Philanthropy and volunteerism is an essential part of Gene Chun’s identity. Gene has been committed to volunteering and supporting Salt Lake Valley Habitat for Humanity for over 7 years. He is also committed to helping his community.

Gene spearheaded an internal Delta Airlines campaign to get his co-workers committed to donating their time and efforts to Habitat for Humanity. So far, Gene has donated close to 1500 hours of service to Habitat for Humanity, helping to build many homes in the Salt Lake Valley.

Stella Allen, of Salt Lake Valley Habitat for Humanity says, “When Mr. Chun signed on as a volunteer with our organization, he understood that success comes with responsibility as well as deeply rewarding opportunities. He continues to be swept up in excitement of working along side the families to meet Habitat’s goal of providing housing.”