George Harbison

Daily Point of Light # 3262 Aug 7, 2006

George Harbison is retired from the Burlington Northern Railroad and a former deputy Sheriff. Though he is retired, Harbison makes the time to give back to his Missoula community.

Harbison has been volunteering his time at the Missoula County Sheriff's Office since 1994. You can find him working sometimes as much as 3 hours a day, 15 hours a week on various projects for the organization. One special volunteer project he has worked on while donating his time is a history book. He finds newspaper clipping of past and current events and keeps the clippings in a large bound book. This will be important community documentation that can be utilized by generations to come, and to date, he has filled a number of these books.

Harbison also assisted in another special project that is priceless to the office staff. He completed inmate prisoner jackets. This entailed separating and enveloping mug shot images and documenting them accordingly. Harbison is dedicated to the task, no matter how small or how tedious.

Through this and other projects, Harbison has persevered; even though he has been battling a number of serious illnesses. When Harbison has bad days, he continues to work on the scrap book at home, and keeps the department up to date on his other projects. The Missoula, Montana community is proud to call George Harbison one of its own and hopes his dedication to service is an inspiration to many.