George Novinger

Daily Point of Light # 3360 Dec 20, 2006

George Novinger has volunteered as the Swimming/Aquatics coach for the Seoul American High School in Seoul, South Korea since September of 2005. In support of youth, he spear-headed the aquatics youth program swim team. Through his leadership, Novinger lead a fund raising campaign to help raise money. These development efforts resulted in numerous young people participating in the Boys and Girls Tokyo Junior Olympics. This was the first opportunity these youth had to participate in such an event.

In addition to supporting the High School Swim Team, Novinger volunteered as a coach for the Starter, Stroke and Turn Judge for all swim meets. His coaching skills inspired youth in team play, and he worked to instill a sense of pride and accomplishment. Novinger’s dedication to youth swim programs resulted in increasing the number of youth participating in the program by 35%. As a swim coach, he arrived early for all events, meets and practices to help set up, organize and ready the day’s events.

While working with the swim program, Novinger also volunteered his time and talents with the youth choir. He established an on-base community wide program that was a success. The Seoul Singers choir quickly expanded from an on-post event to a community-wide program. Novinger encouraged youth, active duty military, family members, embassy personnel from other diplomatic missions, Korean local musicians, and participants from five other countries to join the program. Together, the group put on two well-attended concerts. The first concert took place in June of 2006 on the Yongsan Army Base, Seoul, Korea. Soon afterwards, the choir performed for the Korean public in Gangnam. The all-volunteer youth and adult choir became a quick “hit.” Since its inception, the group has grown from six members to well over 120 participants. They have used their time and talent to sing for people in chapels both on and off post, nursing homes and community events. This is all a result of the dedication George Novinger has to make his community a better place for everyone.