Gerald Kolski

Daily Point of Light # 1524 Dec 7, 1999

Gerald Kolski, MD, Ph.D. has been a volunteer of the American Lung Association since 1983. As head of pediatrics for Crozer-Chester, his area of interest is servicing the needs of children. A successful program run annually at the American Lung Association of Southeastern Pennsylvania is a residential camp for asthmatic children ages 8-12 called Camp Superstuff. For the last three years, Dr. Kolski has been camp medical director and the camp's devoted physician.

Dr. Kolski closes his allergy practice in order to work as a camp physician for the four days of camp. Since camp involves a great deal of preparation, he serves year round on a planning committee. At camp, he is on call 24 hours to take care of the children's medical needs. Dr. Kolski is committed to teaching the children proper skills to manage their condition.

Each year, more than 50 children pass through this camp, learning how to take care of their asthma. Dr. Kolski is attentive to each child's medical regimen and is readily available in cases of emergency. He works as part of a dynamic team of medical professionals and is always willing to take the time to explain things to his staff.

The success of Camp Superstuff relies upon the dedication and professionalism of the volunteers working under the guidance of a strong medical director. As a member of several professional organizations, Dr. Kolski's contacts in the community have been extremely valuable to recruiting qualified volunteers to medically staff the camp.

Dr. Kolski's continued interest in children with respiratory problems has inspired a new program for the American Lung Association of Southeastern Pennsylvania. Seeing a need to help children continue to successfully manage and cope with their asthma, Teens with Asthma Really Get Exercise Tough (T.A.R.G.E.T.) was developed for teenage asthmatics. In conjunction with a sports club and inspired by Dr. Kolski's belief in conditioning the asthmatic, this program combines education and fitness into a complete package, inspired by Dr. Kolski's belief in conditioning the asthmatic. He has spent the last year working with another committee in the planning, implementing and evaluation of T.A.R.G.E.T. Over the course of this year, he has conducted an in-service program for school coaches, teachers and nurses and has been active in teaching for the teen program.