Daily Point of Light # 2498 Sep 2, 2003

Gloria Cheung, 12, a member of the Volunteer Center of Alachua County and a seventh-grader at Howard W. Bishop Middle School, created a teen-run summer day camp designed to develop young children’s interest in reading, art and music. Having won awards for her reding ability, piano playing and drawing skills, Gloria wanted to share her talents with others – especially children in need of a helping hand. After researching ways to create a summer program, Gloria contacted public officials for advice and assistance. She designed a logo; produced a promotional flyer; wrote lesson plans for art, reading and piano classes; found classroom space; recruited teen and adult volunteers; and then sent letters to prospective students and their parents. A local toy company donated art supplies after reading about Glroia’s project in the newspaper. Twenty-one children graduated from Glroia’s first two-week summer camps, and she hoped to repeat this experience each year. She would like to tell other young people to set their own goals, try your best to achieve, be a leader, a creative thinker and a problem solver.