Goodwill Industries Volunteer Services

Daily Point of Light # 3835 Oct 15, 2008

Goodwill Industries Volunteer Services (G.I.V.S.) has been helping Goodwill promote its mission since August 1980. The purpose of this volunteer organization is to acquaint the people of the greater Montgomery area with the works and needs of Goodwill Industries of Central Alabama Inc.

The members are responsible to encourage donations and make people aware of Goodwill’s mission of providing training, vocational assistance and employment for people with disabilities or other vocational problems which limit employment opportunities. Each person has a story and reason for getting involved with G.I.V.S. Each member is unique and brings a special talent to the group.

Every member has had their own struggles and hardships, but they don’t let it stop them from giving back. G.I.V.S. members run a store call Doll Land, which is located on Atlanta Hwy, next to Goodwill. This unique store offers customers, pre-loved dolls at discounted prices. The ladies work tremendously hard to clean the dolls and get them ready to sell. Many women work several hours during the week in preparation for Tuesdays and Saturdays, when the store is open.

All of the workers are strictly volunteers so they deserve all of the credit for what they do. All of the proceeds made from the store go back to the Goodwill in the form of scholarships for employees’ children and needed equipment for rehabilitation classes.

G.I.V.S. provides money for Christmas and Thanksgiving dinners for the employees at the Goodwill plant in Montgomery and Enterprise. They provide the employees with delicious meals and an opportunity to take a break and enjoy the holiday season. They also provide the funds for Workforce Development to purchase new suits for consumers, going on job interviews. In the past, G.I.V.S has also provided mats for the workers in the plant to stand on. Most of the workers in the plant have disabilities, so it becomes painful to stand on their feet for great lengths of time. This group also provides Vintage Fashion Shows for the community. They have been doing these fashion shows for years. The shows are a way to have fun with donated, vintage, clothes and spread the word about Goodwill’s mission.

A recipient of the services provided by G.I.V.S. describes how they have been inspired. “This group has touched my life in ways that can only be described in one word—GIVE. They have taught me that giving your time and talent is the best way to help others and encourage their spirit. The things they do raise awareness about Goodwill and the money received from the shows go toward the G.I.V.S. fund to again, help others.”