Gracelyn Leath and Brooke Leath

Daily Point of Light # 5325 Oct 13, 2014

Two teenage sisters motivating other teens to change the world they will inherit.

That’s the story of Gracelyn Leath and Brooke Leath, a dynamic duo who have been tapping into that potential since 2012 by lending their time to TeenHOP, a group working to empower young teenagers to volunteer in their communities and encourage others to be positive citizens.

Gracelyn and Brooke have devoted countless hours to assisting TeenHOP from their home base in Alpharetta, Georgia, writing skits and presentations to illustrate why youth volunteerism stands out as a need in communities everywhere. The Leath sisters have also started TeenHOP clubs in Georgia, North Carolina, Texas and Mississippi to reach out to more youth in the United States. They created a camp and even send out monthly newsletters to spread the word about TeenHOP and their mission.

The sisters recall that getting their TeenHOP summer camp off the ground wasn’t easy. “The toughest challenge that we faced was planning TeenHOP Leadership Camp 2014. The location we did find to have the camp went out of business,” they say. But this setback didn’t stop the Leath sisters. They found a new location and managed to have a successful camp. “We are thankful to say TeenHOP Leadership Camp was a success!,” Gracelyn and Brooke enthuse. “We constantly encounter equally rewarding moments every time that we volunteer and leadership skills to apply in our communities.”

Gracelyn and Brooke’s leadership and giving spirits have inspired more than 1,000 students to start their commitment to service. The sisters say their inspiration came from their mother. “Our mother told us how much fun she would have volunteering in college, singing to the elderly at rest homes,” the two recall. “She encouraged us to help others and not have an entitlement mentality.”

This message has stuck with Gracelyn and Brooke. And now they work to inspire other teenagers to get out in their communities and volunteer. “We brainstorm with them to find fun ways they can give back to their communities and encourage them to focus on helping their communities with solutions, instead of complaining about their community problems.”

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Dev Staff