Hanna Richardson

Daily Point of Light # 3930 Feb 25, 2009

Fourteen year old Hanna Richardson has shown distinction through her volunteerism to help the Intracranial Hypertension Research Foundation. Hanna suffers from this chronic illness which is a neurological disorder that causes debilitating headaches and a high risk of vision loss. Rather than become discouraged by the lack of a cure, Hanna took the initiative to try to help find a cure. She has continued this crusade since 2004 while continuing to battle frequent pain, fatigue and school struggles.

Every year since 2004 Hanna has made Christmas candy as a fundraiser for the Intracranial Hypertension Research Foundation. At the time, the research foundation was fairly new and had received only a few charitable donations. For a child with this disorder to try to raise awareness and raise funds toward research was inspirational to the foundation. They were thrilled with Hanna's project and spread the word to all the members of the foundation. Hanna attempts to make candy every year but there have been times when the disorder caused her to feel too ill to take on the project. There have also been times when her friends from her Girl Scout troop rallied round her and helped her to finish making the candy.

Hanna's attempt at raising money to find a cure reaches far beyond the $1,000 that she has personally raised. When other members of the research foundation heard her story, the inspiration took place. Since Hanna's first project, other members have gone on to hold multiple fundraisers such as music benefits, golf tournaments and walkathons. These other projects have been able to raise more than $100,000 for the IHRF. Hanna's individual efforts were a spark that started the flame that continues today.