Hannah Verma

Daily Point of Light # 5688 Mar 3, 2016

According to the American Cancer Society, there will be an estimated 1.6 million new cancer cases diagnosed in 2016. For the patients fortunate enough to overcome the rigors of cancer treatment, their lives are forever changed.

The fight against Cancer is a very daunting task full of trials and tribulations. Intense, pain-filled sessions of chemotherapy is one of the more common treatments – leaving patients physically, mentally, and emotionally exhausted. Cancer is not a road that should be traveled alone. While the bad days of Cancer treatment may seem to outweigh any good, it is optimism infused into these patients that truly give them hope.

Hannah Verma is truly a beacon of light in her Longwood, Florida community. Volunteering at a local cancer treatment center, she tends to patients of all ages. Her volunteer efforts are centered around comforting cancer patients in anyway possible. Knowing their circumstance, Verma helps provide emotional stability by spending time speaking and listening to the patients, as well physical support by cooking and preparing some of their favorite meals.

"I volunteer because I know how lonely people can become during the treatment process," said Verma. "I recognize that chemotherapy is painful … But I try to help the patients focus on the bright side, which keeps them from dwelling on their situation and from becoming depressed.”

Verma's work with the cancer treatment center is rather unique. While there are outlets that provide physical gifts, there are much fewer outlets focusing on the mental and emotional side as it relates to cancer recovery. Verma uses the time during chemotherapy sessions to share some light-hearted conversation with patients, using dialogue as a distraction from the grueling process. The efforts of volunteers like Verma is undoubtedly making life easier for all cancer patients.

Dev Staff