Daily Point of Light # 2900 Mar 17, 2005

Mrs. Harriet Cummings has been a volunteer at Northern Metropolitan nursing home for ten years. She began while her husband was a resident here. Her volunteer work continued after her husband passed away 3 years ago.

Mrs. Cummings’ compassion and love for our residents comes from her deep faith. She is guided by the principle that it is our duty to help and cherish our fellow man.

Her gentle nature, beautiful smile and warm personality make her a natural with our residents. Every Wednesday, Harriet takes her keyboard and goes through the halls, day rooms and resident’s rooms, playing lively tunes for all to hear. She is always encouraging residents to sing along even if they are not sure of the words. “Humming counts just as much as singing”, she says.

There is no task too large or too small for Harriett to undertake, from stuffing envelopes, to wrapping gifts, to serving lunch. Harriet is always there to give of herself.

On the rare occasion that she is not here on Wednesdays, it sis because she is a volunteer at a local elementary school where she reads to and works with children who are having some difficulty with reading.

Harriet’s other love and devotion is to her family. She has family across the country – Maryland, Louisiana, and California.

Harriet Cummings is a true asset to the facility and the tasks she performs are a vital part of our program. Her devotion and unwavering support of our residents is truly inspirational.