Daily Point of Light # 2156 May 9, 2002

Heidi Greene is an outstanding student and community leader who has demonstrated commitment, compassion and community responsibility. She has inspired both her peers and adults to work for neighborhood improvements. When two classmates and friends died from an automobile crash and a caving accident, Heidi campaigned and organized improved car seat and caving safety measures. She mobilized both classmates and community leaders to bring about change to help prevent future accidents. In mobilizing the community, Heidi contacted organizations to support the effort. She also helped raise funds for hospital expenses for the youth who died after several weeks in the hospital following the cave accident.

Heidi represented Anderson County at the first National Youth Summit in Orlando, in June 2000. She came home waving the flag of “dream it, plan it, do it. ” Students have followed her lead in the Second Harvest food drive, volunteering for nonprofit organizations and wrapping gifts to collect money for the “Warm Fuzzies” stocking project for less fortunate teenagers. Heidi provided leadership for a workshop at the Regional Youth Summit in Knoxville in March 2000.

During the 2000 – 2001 school term, Heidi volunteered as a reading tutor at Dutch Valley Elementary School with students who were reading below grade level. She also helped collect used books for students who did not have reading materials at home.

Heidi has continued the work she began in 2001 with Anderson County’s Promise. She helped recruit volunteers for National Youth Service Day in April 2001 and she has been successful in recruiting students for nonprofit activities during Fall 2001. She led the planning and implementation for National Youth Service Day. She also assisted with a Playground Restoration at North Clinton for “Make A Difference Day” October 27, 2001.

Because of her capacity for leadership, Heidi served as Vice President of the junior class at Clinton High School, is a member of the National Honor society, was named to the Youth Board with other representatives from East Tennessee, and she was named Miss Clinton High School. She represents her school and her classmates well at many regional events.

Heidi has applied to Berea College in Berea, Kentucky for the 2002- 2003-school term. She has chosen this college because of the institution’s commitment to academic excellence, community service, and social justice in acceptance of students without regard to social and ethnic background, the religious community and financial assistance available there. If she is accepted, she and her brother who is a sophomore at University of Tennessee will be the first members of her family to attend college. Heidi’s goal is to become a nurse. When Heidi is not at school, doing homework, pursuing community service opportunities or working, she helps her mother care for two younger siblings. Heidi has worked 20 hours per week at Wal-Mart during her junior and senior years to assist her family with their finances.