Henderson Justice Court Volunteer Mediators

Daily Point of Light # 3230 Jun 22, 2006

The Neighborhood Justice Center (NJC) offers a no-cost, confidential alternative dispute resolution method to Clark County residents. The NJC has fifteen staff members and approximately 150 volunteer mediators who have gone through extensive training. They believe in mediation over litigation and make continuous efforts to avail their services to the community and the justice courts.

The Clark County Neighborhood Justice Center court program for performing outstanding service in the community respects the Henderson Justice Court volunteer mediators. Team members include Fran Evans, Jack Terry, and Chuck Gates. They are both efficient and proficient in their service and especially because of their knowledge, their skills, and their dependability. Fran began her service with the Neighborhood Justice Center in 1994, Jack in 1999, and Chuck in 2002. They have a combined total of 23 years of volunteer service. The majority of that service has been at Henderson Justice Court, where they mediate small claims cases for Judge Burr and Judge George.

Henderson Justice Court meets twice weekly. The NJC team has averaged 185 mediations yearly over the last four years, and their agreement rate is around 90%. Fran, Jack and Chuck exemplify “pride of ownership” as they provide outstanding, consistent, mediation services at “their” court.

Both Judge Burr and Judge George have expressed their gratitude for these top-notch mediators on numerous occasions. There is clearly a need for their expertise and their commitment. Their expertise and their initiative in consistently covering court calendars significantly impacts the system by reducing the number of cases going forward in court. It also gives parties the option of keeping the decision-making power in their own hands and gives them the ability to avoid judgments as long as agreements are kept.

The staff members deem it a privilege to work with Fran, Jack and Chuck, who are true professionals in every sense of the word. Not only do they mediate, but also they maintain continuing education in the field and mentor new mediators. They are exemplary mediators and a true credit to the Neighborhood Justice Center.