Daily Point of Light # 2175 Jun 5, 2002

C. Howard Watkin retired in 1985, after 40 years as Court Reporter of the 6th Judicial District Court. He was the last court reporter of his kind that actually recorded court proceedings in shorthand and transcribed them himself. He is now 81 years old and continues to help the court out in emergencies today.

Watkin has been a volunteer with the Retired Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP) for 16 years and has been involved with volunteer efforts in Sevier County all of his adult life. He served as secretary of the Richfield Chamber of Commerce in excess of 20 years and won the Distinguished Service Award in 1951. Watkin has been president of both the Rotary Club and Junior Chamber of Commerce, secretary of the Junior Livestock Show for 15 years and chairman of his Neighborhood Watch for seven years. He is very active in local community theater activities and sings in his Ward Choir.

During the past 13 years, Watkin has been helping to provide the Five Fundamental Resources for more than 400 students at Pahvant Elementary in Richfield, Utah, and he has touched the lives of hundreds of other youth in Sevier. Watkin has provided the children in Sevier County with an ongoing relationship with an adult that cares for them, safe places to congregate, a healthy start, an effective education and marketable skills and allowed them to participate in activities that provide service to others.

Some of Watkin’s service has been working in Mrs. Ames’ 4th and 5th grade classrooms. He does theater in the round, puppet shows, reader’s theater and nursery rhymes. He works diligently with the students in reading, teaching them to speak properly and to have respect for others. Watkin also takes the students on field trips to the Sevier County Jail, the 6th District Court and to the local Radio Station annually.

Watkin has worked on Character Education Topics with the students, he teaches them responsibility and the importance of it, and he gives the children an opportunity to report on live radio all they have learned in their classroom. In addition, Watkin has participated in the Safe at Home program through the Sevier County Sheriff’s Office. He handles the Halloween Safety Play and the students are able to perform at each elementary school in their county’s school district. Watkin is proud to know that since the children have been taking the play to the elementary schools, no one has been hit by a car or sustained other trick-or-treat related accidents.

Watkin has developed a relationship with the children. By his example, he has proven to them that they are special and he cares for them. He is consistent in his service and the children feel important that he chooses to spend so much time with them. Watkin is not only working to educate the children and help them with their schooling, but he works even harder at teaching them life-skills.