Hudson Cradle, Inc.

Daily Point of Light # 1225 Oct 14, 1998

Hudson Cradle was founded in 1991 by the mayor of Jersey City, 10 civic businessmen and a local hospital with the aim to care for boarder babies, ages birth to 18 months. It is located on Kennedy Boulevard and primarily serves Hudson County, although all of New Jersey is welcome to participate. The more than 213 babies they have taken into their cradle are healthy enough to be discharged from the hospital, but do not have a safe place to call home. Some suffer from prenatal exposure to drugs, some are HIV-infected, more than half are born premature and some are victims of child abuse or neglect.

The volunteers come from all walks of life; there are approximately 100 volunteers currently. They are screened, trained and volunteer more than 350 service hours per month.

The babies are nurtured and cared for until the Division of Youth and Family Services finds them foster homes, adoptive homes or until the biological parent (s) are proven to be qualified to care for their children.

Hudson Cradle receives some state and federal grants, but their primary source of funding is private. The State Division of Youth and Family Services also contributes. Up to 50 babies a year experience this caring environment.