Hyland Packard

Daily Point of Light # 3520 Aug 1, 2007

Hyland D. Packard is an outstanding and faithful volunteer. At the age of 78, he is still making serving others a priority.

Community service has been a lifestyle for Hyland. He began serving through various positions in church at twelve years of age. He continued volunteering while attending Northwestern State University (NSU) college campus from 1946 to 1951. Hyland then served his country in the Korean Conflict as Chaplain on board ship. He took the time to make a difference in the lives of all he met. Upon graduation in 1954, Hyland married and taught science in several public schools in Louisiana. He enjoyed teaching and utilized his skills to assist his community as a church layman. Hyland volunteered in numerous capacities in various churches across the state of Louisiana. No task was too small or too large for Hyland. After retiring from his teaching career, Hyland attended New Orleans Baptist Seminary and was ordained as a minister. He served in small rural churches for ten and a half years, at which time he accepted the challenge of organizing and establishing a mission in Natchitoches, Louisiana. This mission has had an impact on many community members for more than ten years.

The Lov'N Care Mission provides supplemental and emergency food, clothing for the homeless, and used household goods for needy folks throughout Natchitoches Parish. Some community members would not be able to continue to live independently if not for Lov'N Care Mission. In addition to provide necessary staples, the Mission also provides encouragement and direction for those in need.

As pastor he coordinated worship services and had numerous church pastors assist as services were provided. As a full-time volunteer, he served seven days a week and as the need arose sometimes for longer periods of times. During times of natural disasters like Hurricanes Rita and Katrina, Hyland volunteered around the clock. Many displaced and relocated families were served at the mission, providing more opportunities to serve others.

In addition to serving his church and the Lov'N Care Mission, Hyland also volunteers with the Lions Club as Sight Committee member, and he serves as Chaplain and Chairman of Honesty and Integrity Committee for the Masonic Lodge, serves as an officer in Natchitoches Chapter No. 13, Order of the Eastern Star. Hyland also serves as Chairman on special committees such as Dyslexia and ESTARAL (Eastern Star Training Award for Religious Leadership – Scholarship Program); he is a member of RSVP and the Retired Teachers Organization; he has volunteered at Central Louisiana Food Bank for ten years, and he serves other churches when needed. He is dedicated volunteer who has directly touched the lives of many in Natchitoches and indirectly impacted many more.