Daily Point of Light # 2203 Jul 15, 2002

The Northeast Focal Point Intergenerational Child Care Center was established in 1987 with the intention to house, from 5:30 to 7:30pm, grandchildren of clients who attended the Alzheimer or Adult Day Care facility. It was later realized that this facility would benefit many needs of the surrounding community by providing affordable childcare. This would provide an educational, structured and loving environment for preschoolers, and would encompass the elderly.

The mission of the organization is to promote learning life skills and respect while in a safe, loving and learning environment. While having interaction between the staff, clients and caregivers, the children are able to have daily contact with volunteers from the community. The Foster Grandparent Program provides two foster grandparents who provide four hours of service each day, five days per week through tutoring, reading, and learning letter, shape and number skills. These volunteers range from 15 to 90 years of age.

The Community Apprentice Program (CAP) administered by Deerfield Beach Middle School has allowed students to come to the facility and work with children, adults, and office and maintenance workers. This program enables students to earn money from the grant program as well as learn a profession.

The Teens-At-Risk program is another program sponsored by the Boys and Girls Club of Broward, which allows students to come to the Child Care Center. They learn to interact with the children in the facility and also work for money through a grant.

The Neighborhood Initiative program was established in 1984. It allows students to work throughout the community of Deerfield as well as at Northeast Focal Point Child Care Center. The students are active for four days per week during the summer. For a year, the Wages program of the Broward Urban League has provided some volunteers for the facility. They work for approximately 30 hours per week setting up breakfast and lunch for the children. They also help with the operation of the learning centers and classroom chores.

Another vital program in partnership with the Child Care Center is Broward Grandparents, Inc. Foster Grandparent Program. These caregivers assist teachers and give children extra tender, loving care. They tutor children with problem-solving techniques and building self-esteem.