Daily Point of Light # 2293 Nov 18, 2002

Jack Kauck is a modest hero that has helped thousands that do not even know his name. He has not thrown a record breaking touchdown, has not broken any homerun records, and he has never been on the evening news for a heroic act of bravery. He is a modest man, retired and recently widowed with two sons and a granddaughter that is the apple of his eye.

Ten years ago, Kauck read an article about a wheelchair repair/ loan program that had been started by Easter Seals Southwestern Ohio. Kauck’s mother had benefited from the use of a wheelchair to stay independent despite her Rheumatoid Arthritis, and this was a perfect opportunity for Kauck to help other people keep their independence. He joined the founding team of 5 gentlemen and never looked back. Over the years, Kauck has helped provide independence to thousands of people with disabilities that could not afford medical equipment due to low income and lack of insurance.

Today Kauck runs the program with a helper volunteer. The program has expanded to include wheelchairs, canes, walkers, infant and children equipment needs and much more. “I am in constant need of parts, I never have enough parts,” says Kauck as he gives a tour of the equipment repair shop located at the Easter Seals facility in Reading. ” I’m always looking for volunteers who can work with metal, it’s a great opportunity for a retired person with tool and die experience. It’s challenging and very rewarding.”

The Easter Seals Southwestern Ohio Medical Equipment Loan program accepts used medical equipment to be repaired or used for spare parts. All items are repaired and inspected at Easter Seals. The equipment is then loaned out for a minimal fee and Doctor’s prescription to people with lower incomes that do not have insurance.

The staff and board of Easter Seals Southwestern have been recipients of Kauck’s kindness and service for the past ten years. They may not know his name, but thousands of people with disabilities have regained their independence thanks to his unwavering efforts.