Jacqlene McAllister

Daily Point of Light # 4830 Aug 13, 2012

Girls Inc. is an organizations that provides programs and services to girls in Schenectady and Albany, NY. Seventy percent of girl members come from families with incomes of $25,000 or less. Through Jacqlene McAllister’s efforts of raising funds for Girls Inc. she is able to help fund operating costs that provide girls with skills and opportunities that they otherwise would not have access to which helps them become successful women.

McAllister is Chair of the Cornerstone Group which is a group of volunteers that work to help Girls Inc. with their visibility marketing and fundraising. She leads a group of about 24 young professionals to meet the goals and objectives of the group. She is actively involved in various fundraising events for the organization and creates and designs materials to continue wiht Girls Inc.’s branding.

Since McAllister has taken over as Chair of the Cornerstone Group she has been able to grow the group by an additional 5-7 active members which not only helps Girls Inc. raise money for their programs but also reduces expenses by not having to contact out services like design and print work.