Daily Point of Light # 3097 Dec 19, 2005

The Pinellas Habitat for Humanity was struggling before Jacqui Hosman came to its rescue. Though teaching at Ozona Elementary School is certainly a full-time job, Hosman has been in leadership positions for Habitat for Humanity for nine years. She dedicated a great amount of time to the Family Selection and Support Committee, interviewing and organizing prospective volunteer families. Hosman educates, informs, and analyzes the family’s criteria to find an appropriate service match. This is extremely important work, as the wrong project for the right volunteer can end up in disaster. Hosman’s insight into people and families made her work on this committee successful, and she has personally recruited more than 30 families into the organization.

The Strategic Planning Committee also took up much of her time, as she worked to create a long-term plan for Pinellas Habitat for Humanity’s expanding capacities and more efficient leadership. Hosman’s most successful project is the one with which she is still involved, as Board Chair during a tense 18 months during which the program lacked leadership. The organization had no Executive Director, leaving a large hole in the structure of the program. In this situation, Hosman rose to the occasion and recreated the Board as a policy-making entity. When an Executive Director was hired, Hosman led the way in organization-wide support. She aided the Director in hiring new staff and creating networks of people that take care of daily tasks that were being left behind.

In addition, Hosman’s work lent an air of professionalism in an environment that spent a few months lacking it. Since the reorganization, revenues for Pinellas Habitat for Humanity have risen 57 percent, and overhead has decreased from 27 to 14 percent. These are real-world numbers that show how valuable her work really is. Not only the financial sector was improved; however, service capabilities were extended greatly, as well. During the year prior to Hosman’s position of leadership, two homes were constructed. The following year, ten were completed, and this year, plans show twelve homes being erected. This is direct proof of her impact in the organization and in the community.

Hosman’s continuing service to Pinellas Habitat for Humanity is invaluable, and her results incomparable for this program. Her approach of taking control when the company was directed by chaos was innovative and inspiring. Most importantly, more people have homes due to the tireless efforts of Hosman.