James Flaig

Daily Point of Light # 3740 Jun 4, 2008

James Joseph Flaig is a 16-year-old teenager at American Heritage School who participated in the Coral Springs Police Department Leadership Mentoring Program 2007. He successfully completed the Leadership Program and has started the Can-Teens Organization, which is a school organization run by teens who are dedicated to providing hunger relief by supporting food banks in America.

James spends countless service hours trying to educate teens on the needs of those who are suffering from Hunger in the community and across America. He has organized groups of teens to participate in organizing food pantries, making food boxes, assisting at soup kitchens, gathering donations through food drives and bake sales and communicating with local food banks.

In addition, James created a how to web-site offering information to other high schools about starting their own Can-Teens Club and has made mailers that he is sending to schools across America about his organization.

Currently James is working on a national initiative that promotes a program for schools to ADOPT-A-FOODBANK.