James Milton Jennings

Daily Point of Light # 2817 Nov 22, 2004

Daily Point of Light Award for
Strengthening Families and Transforming Neighborhoods

James Milton Jennings is one of five winners of a special judging of the Daily Point of Light Award being honored during National Family Week (Nov 22-26, 2004). Commemorating the 10-year anniversary of the United Nation's International Year of the Family, these awards honor and celebrate individuals, families, organizations, and volunteer efforts that are strengthening families and transforming neighborhoods by making a difference in the lives of vulnerable children and families and meeting the critical needs of their communities.

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A college professor for 12 years and a pastor for 9 years, Pastor Jennings has provided volunteer religious programming for the Forrest City Federal Correction Complex Low and camp inmate populations since January 1998.

Pastor Jennings has fostered and exemplary partnership involving community programs, citizen volunteers, and programs. His contributions to the local community and the institution are vast and multifarious. Through his commitment to the Bureau and the community, volunteer participation has tripled representing the Church of God at Forrest City. Currently, 35 volunteers provide programming and services to the inmate population. This citizen involvement continues to rank Forrest City among the leaders in the South Central Region for the number of badge volunteers.

Pastor Jennings’s ability to motivate inmates and boost community involvement has translated into achieving program goals. He targeted and recruited volunteers to provide services needed to enhance Religious Services programming for the entire population from activation to present. These volunteers joined a coalition of citizens who donate their fellowship to assist in 15 to 20 faith-based programs. Additionally, Pastor Jennings’s holds a Bachelor of Science Degree from Northwestern University, a Master's Degree from the University of Arkansas and a Doctoral of Education from Vanderbilt University.

Achievements in orchestrating volunteer programs have profited the institution by providing community contacts for the Mock Job Fairs, Release Preparation Program, and Adult Continuing Education programs. Namely, Pastor Jennings has sought out local business personnel and organizations to instruct classes and facilitate job-readiness programs. Under Pastor Jennings guidance, the local community has volunteered their time to donate to numerous community projects and service organizations.

As religious services volunteer, Pastor Jennings has served as a representative for several local community boards and organizations. He also has served as a professor of Education and History at Hendrix College, Life Skills Seminar Instructor for the Arkansas State Prison system, Church of God Youth Leader, adult Sunday School teacher, choir director and community Bible class instructor.

These efforts are testimony to Pastor Jennings’s commitment to the volunteer program and he should be commended for his ability to foster organizational and community goals.