James Poignon

Daily Point of Light # 3811 Sep 11, 2008

James A. Poignon’s volunteer activities span human and non-human, young and old. He volunteers both outside his home and in-home as a respite foster parent for both children and dogs. He has even volunteered overseas with Project Hope, an organization that provides medical and disaster relief to all people around the globe.

Along with his normal Alexandria hospital volunteer duties (delivering flowers, discharging patients, running lab samples, etc.); he makes extra time on holidays to dress up as Santa or the Easter bunny to entertain those patients who unfortunately have to be in the hospital during these times and those staff members who are working. Staff persons that have attended a few of these holiday sessions have never seen so many happy faces both young and old.

His other great love is providing respite care for Northern Virginia Family Services. He introduces the children he fosters to the outdoors by taking them fishing on his boat which they might never have the opportunity to experience. He records their experience ‘driving’ the boat with pictures and has created a wall of fame for them. Additionally he spearheaded a fundraiser for fishing poles for all the children who attend the annual Northern Virginia picnic. He generated monies well over the amount needed for the poles and the remaining was given as a money donation to Northern Virginia.

Not only does James perform his volunteer duties with a warm heart and tons of enthusiasm, he encourages all those volunteers he works with to continue the good work they do with occasional treats and a hearty “Thank you for volunteering!”