Jami Harper

Daily Point of Light # 3199 May 10, 2006

For ten years, Jami has actively protected the world’s water supply, especially Nebraska’s underground aquifer. Following the discovery of industrial solvents in her neighbors’ wells in 2003, Jami organized a program to teach water protection to prevent similar tragedies from happening. To make learning fun, Jami created H2Owood Squares, an educational version of Hollywood Squares. In Jami’s version, the questions are related to water protection.

She compiled her questions from publications s and websites, then built a life-size game structure, reserved space at the 2004 Children’s Groundwater Festival, recruited 34 volunteers from Hall County’s seven high schools, arranged for a National Earth Force Youth Advisory Board member to serve as game show host, and presented workshops to several hundred fourth and fifth graders, parents, and teachers from across the state. Jami also designed a booth to teach water principles to nearly 1500 attendees. Both activities were hits and organizers invited Jami back in 2005.

To reach more people, Jami designed and runs the website, “Water Wizard,” where visitors answer a “Question of the Day” about water protection. The questions and game structure plans are available on request. In 2005, Jami enhanced H2Owood Squares by decorating the classroom in a Hollywood theme, including a “Hometown Celebrity Walk of Fame.” To assist with the workshops, she recruited local high school celebrities including 2005 Miss Nebraska Teen USA. H2Owood Squares 2005 was featured on the NTV evening news. Jami also made a flyer featuring colored photographs of the steps her project entailed. She distributed the flyer to youth and adults from across the country and as far away as Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan. She also discussed her project with Gen. Colin Powell in May.

To further protect the environment, Jami founded Operation Clear Air to curb teen smoking and institute a smoke-free environment.